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Networking & entertainment Enter the awesome world of Java Day. Wake up a fan of the Gothic series in the middle of the night and ask about his cherished dream.

But a pack of mutated jackals attacking enemy scouts in the middle of the destroyed highway is the best moment to strike a blow in the back, you can imagine.

But the “Piranhas” would not be itself if it had not managed to turn so paradoxical setting in something original and authentic.

Yes, the universe of “Eleks” is operating according to strange laws, and at first it’s great confusing.

On the way from one quest location to another and then we stumble on a secluded stash with loot NPC side and miniature pieces in their performance.

Believe me: those who criticize “Alex” for a supposedly empty world, just don’t bother to read it in detail.

She deliberately overdid the contrasts: the world is like a mixture of decorations to the “Mad max”, “Equilibrium” and (suddenly) TV series “Vikings”.

But over time, everything changes — occurs at first, the dissonance disappears, and the story acquires a special “Gothic” flair. The post-Apocalypse teaches us: not so scary end of the world, as what will follow.

On the southern borders of settled Berserkers — warriors and farmers who honor the laws of nature and reject any technology.

The clergy, with their usual religious fervor, such extremes do not approve of and advocate for the intelligent use of machines and electronics.

Indeed, why to clear a path to the next Bastion of elbow when you can use two accounts to fly over a very tall wall and deal with their leader one on one?

The game mechanics do provide a lot of freedom: nothing prevents to lead a pack of quest monsters directly to the character that issued the contract for their murder.

Here and for the planet, Magelan collision with comet was only the beginning of global change.

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