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With increasing consumer concern for the environment, glass has again come into its own proving to be an ideal material for recycling. It saves used glass containers being sent to landfill and less energy is needed to melt recycled glass than to melt down raw materials, thus saving energy.Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials to be quarried thus saving precious resources.

Other developments followed rapidly, but it was not until the First World War, when Britain became cut off from essential glass suppliers that glass became part of the scientific sector.

Industry is set to put in up to £20m, with discussions over a similar amount from Government ‘looking promising’.

Mr Katz added: “The glass industry has furnaces that run 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for up to 20 years.

Modern glass plants are capable of making millions of glass containers a day in many different colours, but green, brown and clear remain the most popular. It features in almost every aspect of our lives - in our homes, our cars and whenever we sit down to eat or drink.

Glass packaging is used for many products, wines, spirits and beers all come in glass as do medicines and cosmetics not to mention numerous foodstuffs.

Richard Katz, founding director, said: “We will bring together the best in global manufacture with the shining lights of academia to focus on exploiting this amazing opportunity in two centres of excellence in the Northern Powerhouse.“Glass Futures wants to attract, train and up-skill the best brains to develop this concept.

The UK has a great opportunity to spearhead this, we want to be at the core of economic growth.”The scheme has the backing of Austrian glass firm Swarovski, UK manufacturers Pilkington and Guardian Industries in Goole, engineering firm Siemens, Sheffield Hallam and Leeds universities and the world’s biggest bottle manufacturer Owens Illinois.The secret of glass making came to Britain with the Romans.However, the skills and technology required to make glass were closely guarded by the Romans and it was not until the Roman Empire disintegrated that skills for glass making spread throughout Europe and the Middle East.Historians have discovered that a form of natural glass - obsidian - formed for instance, within the mouth of a volcano as a result of the intense heat of an eruption melting sand - was first used by man as tips for spears.Archaeologists have found evidence of man-made glass which dates back to 4000 BC; this took the form of glazes used for coating stone beads.Joseph Paxtons Crystal Palace at the Great Exhibition of 1851 marked the beginning of the discovery of glass as a building material.

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