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The beast survives based upon its ability to execute gratification of desires as they arise: food, warmth, procreation, sleep, etc.

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The way that a light switched on fills a room, banishing darkness to the hidden nooks and corners, is the principle of evil. Evil comprises only the smallest most distant places in God’s creation, and exists only because Adam and Eve chose, by eating the fruit, to open the floodgates of sin and destruction upon mankind. The result of The Fall is man’s ability to act contrary to his nature.

Instead of using her lips to share her praise of God with Adam, she used them to palliate her guilt, by making Adam complicit in her sin.

The sin of Adam and Eve is wholly predicated upon the choice they made; the sin has nothing whatsoever to do with some material quality of the tree or its fruit. Sin has its source in the misuse or corruption of objects and desires that are, correctly used, wholly good.

The site has a bounce rate of roughly 34% 34% of visits consist of only one pageview.

Approximately 29% of visitors are in Mexico, where it has attained a traffic rank of 22,551. Australia · China · Deutschland-Ōsterreich · España · France · Italia · Japan · Nederland-België · New Zealand · United Kingdom - Ireland · United States ...

The one glorifies God and the other, the self; the latter of which by gradations becomes manifests in ever darker, more sinister forms.

The soul is like a diamond, perfect; it is as it will be for eternity.Well first off, there is no PROBLEM of evil: God didn't mess up or accidently get the mixture wrong when he was putting our universe together. First, we must clarify what is meant by “perfect.” The term is not here applied with a sense of completion.I will get to that later, indirectly, let's start with this-God created the heavens and the earth; and He said that it was good. This is the story of Creation as it is found in Genesis and immediately, a question arises—how exactly did sin enter the world? The answer is, “No.” according to Genesis : “God saw everything that he had made and behold, it was good.” So if we are to take the writer of Genesis at his word, man was created perfect and I take this to mean he was created completely proportional- no inordinate desires twisted by the sin nature. We know this because Paul says in Romans that Adam was "the pattern of the one to come," that being Christ. Remember, man is not a static object as say, a precious jewel.Yet Scripture reveals what appears to be a solitary weakness for a “perfect” creature such as Adam, a path to destruction lying in the intellect. This great and ancient spirit, the mightiest of God’s creation who suffered the greatest fall, was betrayed by the subtlest intimations of mind: the whispering of pride.Pride is the inordinate love of self; it requires no object external to itself.However, by means of superior intellect and experience, vast beyond reckoning, Lucifer successfully influenced Eve to misuse these gifts.