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Resent investigations have proved that any single anthropological type might hardly be attributed to the Corded Ware substratum (see: Kristiansen 1989, P.216; Ebbesen 1997: 86).Studies by Schwidetzky (1978, 1980) and Menk (1980) have shown that the Corded Ware complex is biologically heterogeneous implying the substratum culture.

As it has been noticed by Aleksander Kosko, more extensive account of C14 datings restricts considerable the significance of taxonomic assumptions, brining new, weighty research postulates (Kosko 1997: 133).Aivar Kriiska considered all of the four known Corded Ware Culture dates from The present state of working out of the problem requires further application of newly developed calibration curves to the obtained datings, and bringing them into system in accordance with the chronological sequence.Application of different curves has a considerable effect on the assessment of cultural chronology (see: S°rensen 1997: 222), and therefore should be properly motivated on the basis of specifics of regional cultural development.It is reasonable to note that the typological method should be used with a great caution in regard of issues of cultural transition and succession, since from the typological investigations are known such cases, when, for instance, patterns of decoration and form of particular kind of artefacts (vessels) were far richer than can be captured by a simple set of types, and when form and decoration of beakers did not correspond to a set of types at all even within a certain restricted territory (Boast 1998: 400).Comparative case study of tentative material categories as cultural markers has shown that ceramic manufacture (non-decorative steps) has highest rates of significance together with food way preferences and domestic architecture layout and spatial organization (Clark 2001).Manufacturing process associated with basic utilitarian items can vary among traditional societies because technological knowledge is passed from one generation to the next within localized contexts.

Technological style is an especially powerful methodological tool in assessing migration because it identifies the cultural background of the artifact manufacturer, circumventing the need to interpret symbols or decode stylistic messages intentionally conveyed in more conspicuous media (Clark 2001: 66).The physical anthropological data have proved the presence of central Europeans (related to the CWC population in Certain dissimilarities in the anthropological material of the early CWC (such as e.g.Anthropological shifts might be noticed even within homogeneous cultural communities of the East European CWC (e.g.However, the problem of archaeological tracking of the migration component in the development of the CWC itself has been explicitly raised relatively late, in 1952 (Br°ndsted 1952; see: Nielsen 1997b), and remains debatable even until the present time.There has not yet been developed any convincing model of the distribution of the Corded Ware culture either in expansion or in diffusion way (Kristiansen 1989; Ebbesen 1997).The proposed research aims to fulfil this gap by the revealing of the entity of relation of the Corded Ware tradition to local Neolithic cultures of Within the paradigm of A-Horizon might be revealed several research models, which explain the relation of cultures, comprised by the Corded Ware tradition. Struve proposed a division of the Corded Ware culture into two groups, one characterized by burials furnished only with beakers and amphorae (Struve 1955). Fischer proposed a division into Hercynian, Balto-Rhenish, and Pontic Steppe groups (Fischer 1958). Klejn makes his division in terms of the Amphorae cultures of south central The concept of the A-horizon is widely debated in research literature (e.g.