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There's a nice beach in the village and two super-super beaches just outside the village. It's not a place where you will run into families with little children. The beach is a few hundred meters long, with pebbles and sand.

Most of these places are quiet, remote beaches or coves.

Besides the listed beaches there are of course plenty of tiny coves everywhere for you to discover.

Agios Pavlos is a delightful small coastal village close to Agia Galini in the south of Crete.

My personal top three of favourite nudist beaches would be Agios Pavlos Beach (quiet, sandy, such clear waters), the naturist beaches at Tersta (for the same reasons) and the private beaches in the small coves of Xerokampos (if you can find a small free beach to yourself here it's heavenly: sandy when you get into the water, secluded and crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery).

We also like to make a stop at Ferma beach where at the end of the stretch of pebbles it gets sandy (the whole beach is quiet) and it is easy to get into the water.

Lentas - Also offers plenty of opportunities for nudism, there is a large naturist beach just outside the village.

Further on, in the southeast of Crete there are plenty of opportunities naturists to find a beach if you look around (see below).

The North coast of Crete offers less opportunities, apart from tiny coves here and there. ) is Giorgioupoli beach, between Hania and Rethimnon.

The sandy beach is 9 km long and in the eastern part it is possible to be nude.

Directly down the the valley where Episkopi is situated, on 2 kilometers distance from the village, is the start of Episkopi Beach, which stretches all the way to Georgioupolis.

It is a sandy and wide beach that is 10 kilometers long.

Falassarna is also the site of an ancient Hellenistic port, which was surrounded by walls and connected to the sea by a canal.

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