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Peter elikann dating service - dating someone who is divorced with a child

He picks up the knife, looks over at the bed and sees Joanne dead, and then someone at the apartment comes in and sees him holding the murder weapon.It turns out Carter Addison is the judge presiding over the trial.

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A total of 9 seasons and 194 episodes were produced.

Matlock becomes very suspicious when Carter asks him to step aside and have the son of another lawyer they are both familiar with take his place. Linda Purl replaced Lori Lethin in the role of Charlene Matlock.

Later in the episode Carter goes back and burns the bag with all of his bloody clothes in it. He had replacements put there by Tyler Hudson and is able to present the real clothes in court. Other guest stars: Richard Newton as Judge Richard Cooksey, Richard Mc Kenzie as Lt. Meredith, Richard Wright as Harry Hobson, Brian Lane Green as Kevin Meredith, Piper Laurie as Claire Leigh, Bobbie Eakes as Joanne Leigh, Michael Durrell as D. After being fired from one job after another because of her ex-husband, Jason Hardiman, Carla Evans has had to resort to stripping at a local club.

He finally comes to the conclusion that his lover is cheating on him.

He walks over to their apartment room, lets himself in, and waits for Kevin to go take a shower, before entering the bedroom, covering Joanne's mouth and then stabbing her to death in her bed.

She takes her son there and has him read a book in another room while she performs.

Then, her ex-husband shows up, and threatens to take her son away by going to court.

Matlock then thinks they have a case of confused identity, so he tells a joke he heard Doug tell while going undercover at the club — "One time a woman went into a barroom with a duck under her arm.

The bartender walks over and says, 'Where did you get the pig?

Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith) and his daughter Charlene (Lori Lethin) defend TV journalist Steve Emerson (Steve Inwood) who is accused of killing Linda Coolidge (Katherine Cannon), his ex-wife.

Note: It originally aired as a two-hour series premiere during the Spring of the 1986–87 network TV season, with subsequent airings air in two parts.

Christina says her husband was a womanizer, the woman was another one of his dalliances, and that she wants to make it public.

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