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Following the events of 1204, the influence of the Crusaders, among other things, becomes noticeable in Byzantine art.To mention but a few, the rise of the Seljuk Empire or the Christianization of the Balkans and Russia led to an extensive exchange and mutual influence in art, as well as trade.

Schedule: BRIAN Mc LAUGHLIN (Royal Holloway, London) The event will be followed by a wine reception. Research into late Byzantine goldsmiths‘ works is only at the beginning.

Please visit the website: to see an overview of the BIAA’s SRI’s.

The scholar will be required to spend at least two-thirds of their time on institute related work and a third conducting their own research relating to Turkey and/or the Black Sea littoral, which may fall within any of the academic disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.

Scott Johnson of the University of Oklahoma, with afternoons devoted to the study of digitized Syriac manuscripts with Dr.

Adam Mc Collum of the University of Vienna (formerly Lead Cataloger of Eastern Christian Manuscripts at HMML).

Please note the changed date of Anthony Kaldellis’ paper, which will take place on Tuesday 10th November.

We are grateful, once again, for the support of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies. [ ] The program, sponsored and funded by Dumbarton Oaks, will be hosted at HMML, located on the campus of Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.The processing of fear stimuli is selectively enhanced by these phasic signals, and these inhibit the processing of other types of stimuli including physical pain.Behavioural and neuroimaging studies detail this differential impact of heart signals on the processing of salient stimuli, and add to knowledge linking rhythmic activity in brain and body to perceptual consciousness.All costs apart from travel to and from Saint John’s University (nearest airport: Minneapolis-St Paul) will be covered by Dumbarton Oaks, including the weekend in Washington, DC.Mornings will be devoted to Syriac language instruction by Prof.As ever please send additions to [email protected]