Section 8 stats not updating

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Section 8 stats not updating - wrt110 validating identity error

This can be done with the Alter SYSTEM command and/or setting it in the file.

In proactive tuning, you generate reports on a routine basis and check the Load Profile for changes in throughput (shown by the per-second statistics) and changes in application characteristics (shown by the per-transaction statistics).

The following are two ways that snapshots can be automated: - Oracle's DBMS_JOB utility to schedule snapshots. For NT, the AT scheduler in combination with files.

DBMS_JOB UTILITY The DBMS_JOB utility provides a way to schedule database related tasks that are controlled within the database.

Passing the i_session_id value to the procedure will enable this option.

The following is an example of using this feature: SQL Executing a snapshot interactively can be as easy as accessing SQL*Plus as the PERFSTAT user and using the SNAPSHOT.

SNAP command or automating when a snapshot is executed.

The interactive method is highly beneficial for when a problem is reported in the database and a snapshot could prove beneficial for troubleshooting, whereas the value of an automated snapshot is realized when a problem is reported at a later time and a comparison needs to be made between two specific times that occurred in the past.

This acts as a sanity check to determine whether the derived rates are really of interest.

On initial examination, a soft-parse ratio of 50% would normally indicate a potential tuning area.

Snapshots taken from this level will take even longer and it is Oracle's recommendation to only use this level when requested by Oracle technical support personnel.

LEVEL SETTING RECOMMENDATION It is recommended to set the timed_statistics to true BEFORE the first snapshot because it will help to establish a better baseline, otherwise another baseline will be needed AFTER it is turned on.

This level will take even longer to complete since the parent and child latch information are added to the duration of the previous 2 levels, which are already information gathering intensive.