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Oct 20 67 35 4202.9 "The Doomsday Machine"[TOS2] 48. This has the benefit of preventing the potential flub.

Star Trek (TOS) by Stardate Eps Air Date PCode Stardate Title -=- -=======- -===- -======- -===================================== 0. Sep 22 66 2 1312.4 "Where No Man Has Gone Before"[TOS1] 6. Nov 10 66 3 1512.2 "The Corbomite Maneuver"[TOS1] 1.

Nov 22 68 67 5784.0 "Plato's Stepchildren"[TOS3]76. This serves to alleviate the seeming continuity glitch of Khan recognizing Chekov in ST2.

Jan 10 69 70 5730.2 "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"[TOS3]65. Feb 14 69 76 5843.7 "Requiem for Methuselah"[TOS3] 77. For instance, "Catspaw"[TOS2] occurs before "Space Seed"[TOS1] in the list, which (by airdate) is before Chekov's arrival on the show.

Mar 9 67 26 3196.1 "The Devil in the Dark"[TOS1] 26. Jan 5 68 46 3211.7 "The Gamesters of Triskelion"[TOS2] 38. Apr 6 67 28 "The City on the Edge of Forever"[TOS1] 29.

Feb 23 67 23 3192.1 "A Taste of Armageddon"[TOS1] 25.

Having even the slightest interest in, well literally, "What's up?

", you can have fun finding out what is happening in the sky.So in a few billion years they’ll merge, forming a galactic behemoth.At the same time, the two galaxies are moving toward the Virgo Cluster of galaxies. Mar 14 69 78 5943.7 "All Our Yesterdays"[TOS3] (funny final title) The list above seems like it might be a valid way of understanding TOS, as good or better than airdate (ignoring, of course, things like the "PC Props of Star Trek" series from Trek which in some cases notes season-by-season variants of little set pieces) and, of course, Shatner's harsher third-season hair). It’s being pulled by the gravity of other galaxies, which are tugging in several directions.Below, I present Star Trek (TOS) by stardate, just for kicks. Dec 8 66 13 2817.6 "The Conscience of the King"[TOS1] 16.

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